Pegasus returns to the public! (4pm, 12th September, St George’s Bloomsbury)

Pegasus in concert


We are delighted to announce that Pegasus will be giving our first live public concert since the start of the pandemic. The last 18 months have seen us involved in a number of recordings/performances from home including the Tilford Bach Festival and the Royal Trinity Hospice’s ‘Light Up a Life’ Christmas concert, an octet pre-recording Christmas carols together at London’s Charterhouse for their Christmas service and several informal outdoor meet-ups which have been wonderful – the chance to meet and make music again. (Not to mention several online quizzes!)

But we are really excited to return to singing to a real-life audience, which we’ve hugely missed. The experience of alternative means of performing has only served to bring home how much the audience is such an integral part of a performance. You respond to what you hear and we respond back in our performance. You are an important part of the music-making and joint musical experience – its beauty, its joy, its poignancy. It’s a rich and wonderful journey together.

So we can’t wait to sing to you and share that experience at St George’s Bloomsbury on Sunday 12th September.

The programme, called ‘One Equal Music’, will include pieces by Byrd, Allegri, Rachmaninov, Harris, Guerrero, Victoria among others. More details to follow on the event page.

We can’t wait to see you and sing for you!

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